What is moneyline in Hockey?

What is moneyline in Hockey?

Money line is a painting of a sports event, where the possibility of a draw is excluded. Asian and European bookmakers have 1-2 present in the painting of football and hockey matches.

If the money line for a basketball match looks like a victory for the first or second team, then for football and hockey confrontations, the money line (1-2) is the result of a match without a draw. In case of a draw, the bettor receives the bet amount back (return of the bet).

When in hockey there are opportunities for betting time and shootouts

A hockey match is divided into three periods of 20 minutes, between which there are breaks of 15-17 minutes (they are accompanied by a change of gates). The main time of the game may end in a draw, and then extra time will be assigned. In other words, overtime. It is also denoted by the letters FROM.

If overtime did not help determine the winner, a shootout may follow. The format of the game after the expiration of the main time depends on the rules of a particular tournament. Moreover, the length of overtime may differ at different stages of the same tournament. This is exactly the situation observed at the hockey World Championships.

Bets on moneyline

Bets on moneyline

Overtime is essentially extra time, which is assigned according to the rules to identify the winner of the match. Provided that a draw took place at the end of the three periods. The rules of overtime during the regular season or the group stage differ from the rules of extra time of the playoff round: regular season or group stage match: the team that throws the puck during overtime wins and gets 2 points, and the loser gets 1. The extra time lasts five minutes, while the opponents act in a 3—on-3 format. In case of deletion, the game continues in the “4-on-3” format. This is a common point for the KHL, NHL, World Cup and MCHM hockey; — a playoff match in club championships: teams do not remove hockey players from the court, as it happens in the previous case, but play overtime in a 5-on-5 format.

Betting on overtime is simple, there are not so many options here. Firstly, you can put on the presence of OT — it will take place or not. Secondly, it is suggested to guess the winner of the overtime. That is, the team that will prevail precisely at the end of extra time.

If a player bets on hockey the presence of extra time, he assumes that the teams will draw in regular time, and the result of the match will be determined in overtime. When betting on overtime, the bettor should know some features.

  • BC determines a high coefficient for overtime in the vast majority of cases from 4.00 and above.
  • The classic outcome takes into account only the main time, overtime does not count.
  • But you can bet on the victory of one of the teams in any way.
  • It doesn’t matter when and how the meeting ends: in regular time, in overtime or by shootout. The main thing is that the victory is won. But the coefficient, of course, will be lower than for the main outcome.
  • Bet on the individual total of the player: statistics will be taken into account only during regular time without taking into account FROM or shootouts.
  • The bet on the total total — in the vast majority of bookmakers is considered taking into account the main time, but without overtime and shootouts. If OT is taken into account, a clarification will appear in the line.

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