Does Overtime Count in Hockey Betting

Does Overtime Count in Hockey Betting

During a hockey match many people are in tension, some of them are worried about the victory of their favorite team, and the other part has extra feelings if their bet will win. And this is for a reason, because hockey has its own rules, as well as betting on hockey. And one of the features is overtime, because of which there are debates in the betting world.

In order for you to have no questions about how and what to count on the outcome of the match, you should read this article. 

Overtime in Hockey and its Specific Features

First of all, it is necessary to understand what this time is and when it happens. So, overtime is the extra time of the match, which begins in the case when the teams are in a draw at the end of the main time. That is, it is the part of the match where the final action takes place. But it works a bit more complicated for betting, as you will learn about later.

The rules of this time are a little different from the main match:

  • The number of players is standard 4 on 4, and the duration of extra time is only 5 minutes. For international competitions, the number of players is 5 on 5 and overtime lasts 20 minutes;
  • In KHL matches, only three players remain for overtime;
  • In case nothing is decided after extra time, a penalty is played. But at major competitions, they organize as many overtime periods as necessary.

And of course it is important to say that you can also bet during the overtime, and that it can affect the victory of your wager.

Betting for Overtime

Betting for Overtime

Some people do not know, but you can bet on overtime even if your bookmaker does not have this option. All you need to do is to bet on a draw. In addition, in many offices you can combine this wager and the outcome of the overtime, and thus earn even more. As for betting opportunities in this period, they are not huge. You will most often be available only the following options:

  • Bet on the outcome, i.e. a win for one of the teams or a draw;
  • Total – whether the hockey puck will be scored;
  • On the victory of the team on the results of a shootout;
  • Elimination, shots on goal, throw-ins – these are additional betting options for overtime in popular tournaments, as they last longer.

Always read the bookmaker’s betting rules carefully, because some of wagers, such as over/under totals, may or may not include overtime. To avoid problems and disappointments, you should carefully review the rules.