Where can I bet on the NHL online?

Where can I bet on the NHL online?

The National Hockey League (NHL) unites the strongest Canadian and American teams in one tournament. The tournament is considered the most popular and strongest club competition in the world. The best players from all countries are gathered here, which makes the league bright and rich in goals. This attracts hockey fans and bookmakers who offer a variety of bets on the national hockey League. Therefore, in this review you will read about the top 5 best options.

Features of betting on the NHL in bookmakers

Bookmakers for betting on hockey divide the regular season and the playoff round. In the Stanley Cup, teams play more restrained, as the matches are on the way out. In the regular season, crushing victories are much more common. Bookmakers offer long-term bets for the season and for each match. Bookmakers from the list below offer high odds on the outcome, victory with overtime, victory with a handicap, total both team and individual, accurate match score and other statistical indicators.

Betting on NHL matches has its own characteristics that should be taken into account before making a bet for money or using a free bet. All teams conduct pre-season training camps, but the results of the matches should not be taken as a basis, as new tactical schemes are often played out and newcomers try their hand. On average, the league’s performance is declining, but it remains at a high level, even weak teams reach the 200-goal mark.

Large sites 

NHL bookmakers

For large markets, the evaluation criteria are as banal as possible: line and painting, margin and limits.


Here is the lowest margin for NHL matches on the Russian market, if you do not take into account the promotional 0% from Marathon and Leon. The bookmaker’s commission of 2-3% is excellent, especially against the background of competitors.

Also, the advantages include the traditionally wide painting and solid limits (several million rubles will be quietly given for outcomes and totals). With the long-term players, too, everything is in order: the results of the championship, individual trophies and special bets on the statistics of individual teams.


A cool line that has everything in general, including unique long-term bets. You can’t find fault with the limits either: you can bet up to three million on the playable coefficients in the region of 1.85—2.00, there are VIP bets that allow you to increase the maximums for a specific outcome on request. 

The disadvantages include a high margin — 5-6%. 


A good line, deep painting, highs under a million — in general, everything is very cool. 

The disadvantages include a high margin, which is 5-6%. Well, to the traditional disadvantages of these bookmakers: there are no whole totals and odds.  

Betting League

Attract unique offers like bets on Russians (“Ours in the league”). Tolerable margin (4-5%), impressive limits (more than 3 million) — will go, offset.

The disadvantages are not the most impressive painting: there is, for example, no line to compare the performance of periods, “the team will not lose a single period”, “all periods on TB”, “the winner will be determined by a series of shootouts” and many other markets that can be found among competitors.


Strengths — adequate margin (4-5%) and simply killer limits (from 5 million). Plus, as part of the “My Club” campaign, you can choose your favorite team, whose wins will be given increased coefficients (there are “Tampa”, “Rangers”, “Washington” and “Pittsburgh”).

The disadvantages should include painting: P1 / X / P2, standard handicaps and totals, painting by periods, a couple of combined outcomes — everything.